About us

ASSOCIATED EUROPEAN SCHOOLS – CEM is an organization that prepares and trains students to become aesthetic and hairdressing professionals. All the associated centers are equipped with the facilities to fulfill its purposes with maximum efficiency. The student receives the same education and knowledge, independent of the center where the courses are attended. ASSOCIATED EUROPEAN SCHOOLS – CEM offers you courses based on a theoretical/practical method, guaranteed by over 40 years of experience in this field. More than 80% of our students have found a professional occupation. Our teachers are professionals, both in the field of aesthetics and hairdressing, with extensive experience and more than 5 years teaching. Being well-informed with new trends in the world of beauty and recycling them continuously to pass the latest technologies to their students.

REGISTRATION AT ANY TIME • Preparation for official certificates. • Recognized certificates to practice as a qualified professional. • Flexible study-hours. • Didactic material free of charge. • Professional scholarships. • Vacancy data-base.